Monday, August 2, 2010

Making It Handmade - MIFF

Yesterday Margaret and I had the pleasure of attending the premier of 'Making it Handmade'. The doco was featured at the Melbourne International Film Festival.

The 60 minute doco covered the craft movement in Melbourne, illustrating this topic by focusing on a selection of high profile Melbourne craft women. We got to see how, why and where they craft and what they felt about the craft movement and how it has currently gone into mainstream media, like adverts, magazines (ie: Notebook and Realiving). Also discussing how politics and female sexuality can be interwined into craft. There was also the discussion of Etsy and other internet based craft oline sale sites.

60 Min. was way too short to cover the vast subject of craft. Seeing the movie was filmed around a year ago, I would be interested to see a follow up. Even the shear amount of craft markets in Melbourne, and now around Australia, is showing how capitalism maybe taking over creativity. One could mention that the small token craft market that you may see at a church hall is being dwarfed by the big serial craft markets like Magnolia Square and Finders Keepers.

Overall I really enjoyed the doco. I found it inspiring, educational and even funny /quirky. I wish the makers good fortune and hope there is another film.

Below is a small clip from 'Making it Handmade'

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  1. That looks like a really great doco. Do you know if its available anywhere?