Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Blogtoberfest - Day 19 - Days are flying past

Everywhere I look there is Halloween decorations sitting next to Melbourne Cup and Christmas decorations. If adults find it overwhelming that so much is happening, goodness knows what little kids must think.

Seeing the days, weeks and months are flying past. My mum bought me a very cute Metropolitan Museum of Art 2011 Calendar, she chose the theme shoes. I thought I would share just a few. Aren't they amazing, I could just see myself wearing these down to the shops.


  1. Have you seen that silly Woolworths add for Halloween pumpkins??? I nearly fell off my chair at the ridiculousness of it, then when I went to Lincraft today, they were clearing the shelves and filling them with christmas decorations - crazy!

  2. Loving the white boots with flowers...you could wear them to Coles ;o)