Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Finders Keepers Market

I was really looking forward to venturing to the Finders Keepers Market here in Melbourne. Seeing I enjoyed it so much last year. Unfortunately my positive mood was tarnished when I arrived to discover that I had to pay $13.00 for parking. I wasn't happy because last year it was free and secondly it put a dent into my budget. I asked at the gate why this year one had to pay, unlike last year, they blamed the football match. Mmmm

Anyway Finders Keepers was filled with many beautiful and well made products. There were many stalls that were there last year, but also some new ones as well. Not sure if it was me or what, but it felt smaller.

I don't have many photo's, actually very little, seeing my camera decided to play up. Sigh. But what I do have is photo's of The Paper Convention I had the pleasure of meeting Cathy, who was decorated with origami paper love hearts. I so do hope they are able to have their convention down here in Melbourne. To keep up-to-date with their news click here and sign up to their newsletter.

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  1. Oh the footy excuse actually makes sense to me now too. If there was free parking at Shed 4, the footy crowds would have taken all the parking and walked to the game.
    I don't mind paying but I was bit miffed that there was no designated disabled parking though!