Sunday, April 15, 2012

Overcoming the Fear of Sewing

Those who know me well, know that I don't sew. You could say I had / have a fear of the sewing machine.  Stupid isn't it?  Put me in front of a computer and I'm happy, but a sewing machine, [insert the fear].

For the last couple of years I kept saying to myself, "go and complete some beginner sewing course". But typical me, it didn't happen.  Finally I thought, this is silly, you're a grown woman Beky, you can teach yourself.  So I purchased Stylish Dress Book : Wear with Freedom by Yoshiko Tsukiori.  I loved the simple but elegant garments in this book and the patterns come with the book.  Bonus!

So after pouring over the book, I chose garment 'O'. I purchased some tracing paper, didn't want to cut the overlapping patterns, and did a little research on Youtube.  Oh yes I went to buy some fabric at Lincraft.  That was daunting, so many to choose from and what type of fabric should I buy!  I could feel the anxiety creeping in.  All my sewing friends feel right at home when they are buying fabric.  Me, I was just slightly panicking inside, (pity Lincraft don't provide glasses of wine).

So after buying some very floral fabric, which is not me, I went home.  Washed the fabric (I remember sewing friends commenting on this task).  Yes it does made a difference, amazing, what will they think of next!  Then pinned the fabric to the pattern after once again checking my sewing books and Youtube.  Would you believe this whole process alone took me a whopping 2 weeks.  I was so nervous and I kept putting it off. 

So to cut a long story short, after cutting, was the sewing.  The sewing of the garment took me over a month.  Once again the anxiety and the fear of the unknown was heavy on my shoulders.  While sewing I just kept remembering how my Nanna told me she once had put the sewing machine needle through her nail.  Ahhh.  So you can imagine a lot of teas and hot chocolates were consumed during my sewing adventures.

At a few points I actually started to feel relaxed. So I feel I began to understand when my sewing friends say they are in their happy place.

So the garment is finally finished. Unfortunatly you cannot see the elastic clearly around the waist, nor the gathering, but it's there!

I am very proud of myself, overcoming my fear of the sewing machine. I will be tackling another garment.  I found Yoshiko Tsukiori book Stylish dress Book excellent for a beginner, like myself.  The book is clear, modern, simple to read and not busy.  Perfect.


  1. Well, I am VERY proud of you! My last venture into sewing was when you were a small baby. It took your aunty Donna and me 2 days to make you a nightie! And then when we sewed it up half of it was inside out! We'd laid the pattern out incorrectly on the material. You still wore the nightie, your poor little thing. P'raps your fear was caught from our vibes sewn into your nightie?

    1. So that's where my fear comes from! :-) LOL Thanks mum.

  2. I'm proud of you too! You have taken your first step into a larger world (NERD ALERT) :o)

    1. LOL thank you.And thank you for your advice. Oh dear I'm starting to look at fabric online stores. Ahhhhh