Tuesday, April 28, 2009

It's Photography Time

Taking photos is an art form, I enjoy taking them, however dare I say it's not my forte. I am now getting to the stage of taking photos of my products. Then the next big step is Etsy and my own web page.

I follow an American blog called 'Whisker Graphics', where all stationery and paper goods are discussed. Recently she blogged about how she photographs her stationery. Click here for the article.

Firstly I purchased some fabric from Lincraft, ironed it. Then wrapped it around some cardboard. Placed two lamps, and I was ready to go and start taking photos.

First result

These are cute little buttons that I purchased today. Unfortunately the detail it not really showing up. It looks like I will have to get different light bulbs. Does anyone have any hints?


  1. Use a tripod, use a macro lense and try frosted bulbs or bounce the light off something.

  2. its not my forte either but what comes to mind is..."if at first you don't succeed try and try again."good luck with that