Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Monthly Design Challenge - Seeing Circles

Well it's February, which means it is the second month of Finki's Monthly Design Challenge. This month's theme was 'Seeing Circles'. For ages I wondered what could I do? A pattern?

So it came to me, the paper cut dolls with their fancy outfits. So of course I chose a 1960s mod theme pattern that I designed on InDesign, for a 60s style dress. I am no illustrator, that is why I use the computer as my medium. End result below:-

I showed this pattern to my son, he said, "oh no don't tell me your going to become a fashion designer? For the love of God, don't!" I was quite surprised by his response. He is a funny boy.


  1. I think maybe you should consider becoming a fashion designer ; ) I can totally imagine owning that bag : )