Monday, April 20, 2009

Noddy has arrived!

Sweet Elaine from Jaboopee was kind enough to send me one of her precious toys from her collection, after she read my blog entry on my Noddy collection. So I am pleased to announce that Noddy has arrived! He has traveled a long way, all the way from Ireland to Australia.

I am sure Noddy will enjoy his time here in Australia with all the other characters. Thank you again Elaine. You have made my day!

Noddy from Ireland is standing in front of the car.


  1. Isn't that fantastic that he's arrived so quickly ,what a change of scenery and heat for him, he looks very happy though I wouldn't say he'll miss us here at all,
    "jaboopee who"? he'll say when you tell him the story of how he came all the way from ireland.

  2. Hi, Noddy ,its great to see you arrived safe and sound, we really miss you here, hope you are happy there,kiss kiss love love