Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Words and Pictures - Collecting

'Meet me at Mikes' likes to encourage readers to contribute with 'words and pictures' on different theme's. This week it is collecting.

I collect anything to do with Noddy. This collection started at a young age and it has just grown and grown. I was called Noddy by my mother, thus the collection. My collection brings a lot of pleasure. I have fond memories of my son, when he was young, playing with some of the Noddy items and me reading some of the books to him.


  1. Theres a noddy figure at the end of my collecting story .

  2. i love your noddy collection. i have some of those pieces and recognise many more

  3. thanks for your comment, and seeing as harold and maud is one of your favorite films as it is mine i would like to send you my little noddy, i don't have as big an attachment to noddy i just like all toy characters
    please e mail me your address,hope the cost from ireland is not too prohibitive,yours in noddy solidarity!

  4. Noddy got really excited when i told him he was going off on a very big adventure, he really didn't believe me ,I told him, 'trust me, noddy,just you wait and see !"