Tuesday, May 12, 2009

New items on my Etsy Shop

I think I'm getting better at the photo taking of my products. It's definitely an art form taking photos of products, making them look decent. Even with the help of software packages, such as Photoshop CS3, it can still be a bit tricky.

So have a look at the new products. Leave a comment, would like to know what you think of the bookmarks


  1. Hi beky, bookmark looks great, lovely colours and graphics, i think the plant might be a little distracting , , the work looks great it can stand on its own you dont need the plant ,unless your selling that too??,;0)

  2. Thanks for the comments. Understand what you mean about the plant. I was trying to give the impression that someone had been sitting and relaxing with a book. Trying to give that homey feel.