Monday, May 25, 2009


Hours after I visited the Sonny & Coco Market I still felt unwell and flat. My creativity and motivation just wasn't kicking in, yes I was a little worried. However today I bounced back. I had the urge to start trying different ways of presenting just one of my products.
A while ago I had a client who wanted a shopping list designed in their favourite colours, that represents them. I designed the A5 shopping list to their liking, now how to present it? I researched the costs involved into producing note pads, you know the ones, with the gum. Well the cost involved just getting 20 to 50 made at a local printer (I obtained a few quotes) was just a little too much for my liking. Just to get 50 pads printed 50 sheets per pad was $7.18 ea, total $359. At the moment this isn't what I wanted. So back to the drawing board. I can understand why people end up printing their items in China.

To jump forward I have the list printed and now for the packing. Packing is another kettle of fish, I researched a few paths and looked at the items that Margaret at Konstant Kaos also suggested. At present I decided to make my own packing, later down the track I hope to use professional packaging. So today I did a little experimenting with different ways to present the product also produced some logo dots and address labels. The photos speak for themselves. So I would be interested what people think, leave a comment. Would love to know what you think.


  1. Packaging is a tricky one. I am still not 100% about some of my packaging and sometimes I change my strategy at each market. Aren't the avery labels lovely!

  2. That packaging looks lovely! Is it a purple cardboard envelope with a window cut out in the front?

  3. Margaret, yes they are the lovely Avery Labels. So cute, available from Officeworks.

  4. Thanks for the feedback. Yeah I like the purple packaging as well. It's just cardboard folded into in half. I cut out the hole etc. The purple is to correspond with my logo. My son prefers the other packaging. I always check with my son for his opinion, he maybe 9 but he has some good points sometimes. :-)