Friday, June 12, 2009

A-Z Meme

Meet Me At Mikes
has asked bloggers to give it ago doing this cute meme. Use the alphabet to represent sites that you visit the most on the Internet. Here goes

A - ABC Radio News
B - BBC News
C - Crossing the Ditch
D - Decor8 Blog
E - Etsy
F - Facebook
G - n/a
H - How About Orange Blog
I - Ink & Spindle
J - Just Creative Design
K - Konstant Kaos
L - Layers Magazine
M - Meet Me At Mikes
N - n/a
O - n/a
P - Paper Crave
Q - Quiet Earth
R - Real Living Magazine Blog
S - Stationery Place, The
T - TweeLass
U - n/a
V - n/a
W - Whisker Graphics
X - n/a
Y - n/a
Z - n/a

I noticed there were a lot of blogs that I read that start with 'P' mainly because they deal with the subject of paper. Funny that.

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