Saturday, June 13, 2009

Saturday Stash

Today my mum, my son and I went to the Sisters Market. I was really looking forward to going to today's market, but I wasn't sure about taking my 9 year old son. At first my son seemed to like the market, but that interest soon faded when he saw the cookies and hot chocolate being sold. All he wanted to do was focus on his Nintendo and hot chocolate. Mmmm. So my mum and I took turns minding him while we looked around. Not the ideal way to look at the market.

I enjoyed my chat with Jay - Finki, Alison - Stitch-in-time, Justine - Mixtape, Shannon - Rabbit and the Duck and Brianna - Hibernate Design & Homewares.

This time round I had a little more cash on me, so I went a little wild. I bought some divine lamps (with Ink & Spindle fabric), a journal with yummy London map fabric cover, a very cool seahorse pendant, postcards and a Mixtape mag. What more could a chick want?!

1) Lamps - Hibernate Design & Homewares
2) Journal - Rabbit and the Duck
3) Pendant - Finki
4) Mixtape Magazine - Mixtape
5) Vintage Pattern Postcards - Stitch-in-time (
6) 1960's Postcards - Marita Madden Merchandise


  1. What a fabulous collection of goodies, thanks so much for stopping by to say hello, it's always so nice to see a friendly face. I'll be posting about all the goodies I bought a bit later.
    I love your lamps, and new journal...beautiful fabrics.

  2. Ohh, you got the London map journal! I saw that and wanted it at Sonny & Coco last month but didn't have any money. I snoozed and I losed.