Saturday, October 31, 2009

My Place and Yours: Blog HQ

Joining in on Pip's Meet Me At Mikes, meme. Theme: HQ Blog , where do we write, read and get inspiration for our blogs?

I write my blog posts and read endless blogs from around the world downstairs in my husband den, which really has become our den. I love putting together my blog and reading others. Blogs are my new magazines now.

I am constantly changing my desktop wallpaper, depending on my moods and current interests are at the time. As you can see there is a Ben 10 mug placed on the desk, I want to make it quite clear I don't drink from the Ben 10 mug, that's my son's.

You will notice I have a few of my products lying around, my prototype crochet mouse pad, it's one of those projects that keeps getting left behind and many invites and shopping lists on the printer. And lastly must not forget my little Battlestar Galactica Cylon and Six, under the screen. So there you go......


  1. I love changing desktop wallpaper depending on my mood too:) I currently have a cute embroidery of the flowers that really inspired me.

  2. your place looks lovely ....i'm mad about your crochet mousepad...i want one....happy blogging