Sunday, November 1, 2009

Cristina Re Concept Store - The Visit

Yesterday my fellow paper crafter friend, Karen - Cosmic Cat Creations and I made our trip to the new Cristina Re Concept Store here in Collingwood, Melbourne.

The first impression I received was the shear vibe of girlishness. There were many images of butterflies (apparently Cristina's signature image), pretty t-shirts, bygone sewing equipment on display, a beautiful table setting with all the trimmings which would make any entertainer weep with glee. There's the beautiful chairs with plush Cristina Re cushions, and of course endless shelves of paper, envelopes and the odd scrapbook implement.

When we were there a craft workshop with kids was taking place. Yes get them while they are young, I thought. :-) And then the odd person looking at the Mac on the front counter viewing wedding invitation samples. It's all there.

Lastly the cafe! One can choose, delicious little chocolates that look like art. Or the gingerbread cookies that have beautiful iced illustrations. Then there are the assortment of teas, coffees and hot chocolates. We both couldn't go past the hot chocolate with the dark chocolate spoon for $5.50.

I wish I could have taken photos for you all, but they said, "no, and I would have to check with HQ to get permission". However I was given the OK to take a pic of our drinks.

Overall I liked the shop, the design is beautiful and girlish. If you love specialty shop's decor then go and have a visit.

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  1. wow looks awesome!! I will have to make the effort to go and visit! :o) thanks for sharing Beky!