Saturday, November 7, 2009

Watsonia Neighbourhood House Market - A Report

My little stall

This was my first market out in the outer suburbs, so I wasn't sure what to expect. However one thing I expected was it to be quiet, due to the many markets, town fairs and activities happening around Melbourne.

The Watsonia Neighbourhood House has a cute garden with it's old charm of a vegetable patch and lovely shady trees. My stall was outside, this I was unsure about, seeing my products are made out of paper.

In the first hour, there was a wind. Unfortunatly my products didn't cope, and so didn't I. Twice the glass vases with the windmills went flying. Two were damaged. However on a positive note, the wind certainly made good use of the windmills and they twirled around a lot, proving they do work! :-) However my gift wrap flew off the stand a few times and gift tags fell onto the ground. I wasn't impressed. So it was then and there, I decided I wont have a stall outside ever again.

Oh I did spend most of my time talking to other stall holders about the Northside Makers Market (giving out flyers), Made In Thornbury and Sisters Market. Even explained to many of them about all the craft blogs on the internet around the world. A lot of them had never heard about these resources.

Overall the day was slow, which was sad. This little market needs a little TLC.

My lovely neighbours


  1. Bummer, Beky! It's so hard with the smaller markets. I always want to support them but it can be tough when they're competing with such big markets full of up-and-coming crafters! xx

  2. hi bekky,
    I live around the corner and decided to wander past for the firts time yesterday.
    I wandered up around opening time and thought to myself well the woman with the paper items sticks out like a sore thumb! you looked way too proffessional to be there, but then I thought hey maybe you are a local or work at neighbourhood house.

    It's great to get an explanation to my curiousity!

    I hope you didn't get too warm in the sun.
    Kind regards,

  3. What a shame Beky, outdoor markets are so stressful, you rely on the weather so much! I too decided long ago not to do outdoor markets, I'm not sure the stress is worth it.

  4. and the weather didn't help!