Thursday, November 5, 2009

My Creative Space

Joining Kootoyoo's creative space again.....

Like Curlypops I have a production line going on with my products for this Saturday's small market at the Watsonia Neighbourhood House which happens monthly.

I have created more windmills, using the Japanese Washi Paper, Japanese paper, patterned paper and ribbon. I finally solved the friction problem with the pins, I now use eyelets.

I am also going to release to the world my gothic style shopping list. Only Margaret from Konstant Kaos has seen it and gave suggestions. It will be interesting the response I receive from the public.


  1. The gothic shopping list sounds very interesting.

  2. I really like your windmills. Are they hard to make? Did you follow a tutorial? I would love to know. You should do some close ups of them as they look so fantastic! what's with the shopping list? Maybe you could show us next week? xo

  3. I have to get myself one of your lovely windmills at our next mutual market. I didn't get a chance to shop properly at the last one.