Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Thread Den North Melbourne Market

Well my next market is coming up, and I thought I better promote it, after reading Konstant Kaos article on self promoting ones business.

So come along and say hello at the Thread Den North Melbourne Craft Market on February 28th. I will be located in the Ballroom, sounds so grand, looking forward to trying this market out. I have a few new products lined up. After much discussion with customers and other crafters I aiming a few new products at adults. So come along and give me some feedback or keep an eye on my Made It store.


  1. Ooh, they've got a sexy poster! Hope it goes great for you. I went to the first Thread Den market and the ballroom was really really really dark. Don't know if they've found a way to fix the problem and not quite sure how you'd light up your own stall if they haven't - a battery-powered nightlight?

  2. I do love that poster! and your new stock is looking fab, great idea with the crafters eye test chart! very cute! have fun at Thread Den!

    ~ Samone