Monday, February 15, 2010

A Week of Markets

It was the first time I had particpated in 3 markets in a space of one week. Was I mad, yep, but I did have fun.

Northside Makers Market - Northcote
The market went well. There was a vast selection of many stalls, so everyone was catered for. Weather was lovely, kids enjoying the craft table and the sassage sizzle was sizzling. So what was the problem? Yes there were customers, but they were not opening their wallets. One friend suggested, it was just after Christmas. Also many people would be paying their credit bills or paying for school fees, uniforms and text books. So buying was not on the customers high priority. However saying that, it was a great day. My neighbour on my right was newbie, Kelli - Alannah Banana Designs, who makes beautiful handcrafted felt accessories. On my left was Fab - Little Cooties with her vast growing collection of childrens clothing and Jenny - Hands on by mum and me

Kelli - Alannah Banana Designs

Fab - Little Cooties

Jenny - Hands on by mum and me

Borders Craft Market - South Yarra
This was the first Borders Craft Market at the South Yarra branch. I and 5 other craft businesses set up our products at the front of the store. It was so very odd, doing this while customers are browsing etc around us. Once set up, we all had many admirers looking at our products that we make with heart and soul. But where sales were slow, chatting to other stall holders was fun and made the time pass quickly.

Sweet William

Lori - Found n Bound & Alison Sitch n Time
(Not pictured - Anna - Polly Pratt)

Made In Thornbury - Thornbury
Phew last market for the week. I was already tired from the Borders market, so I didn't know how I was going to go. I was a little worried when I turned up to the market to set up. Half the road had roadworks, so parking was bad and then their was the rain. Oh dear it was going to be a slow day. I was wrong thankfully. I and 5 other talented crafty women were located in the front room, it was squashy but we did it. The customers turned up and we all made sales. Yeah! There was much chatting and grooving to the music.

L to R - Celia - Felted Jumper Arms
Alison - Stitch n Time
Fab - Little Cooties
Kelli - Alannah Banana Designs

Other great crafters that were there was Piccolamia, Curly Pops, and Melbourne Epicure

Wow, cant believe I did 3 markets in one week, 2 in a space of 24 hours. I was tired, but it was heaps of fun.


  1. You've done well Beky! It's amazing what we can achieve!

  2. Wow what a whirlwind few days for you, and on top of all that you managed to have a social life too! Love the photoshop work on the landscape pic! See you next week