Thursday, March 18, 2010

I'm a little sad

I'm a little sad today. Went and visited one of my favourite shops in Melbourne, Pepe's Paperie at Doncaster Shopping Plaza. Pepe's Paperie sells all things paper, beautiful journals, albums, stationery from around the world, gift wrap, pens, calligraphy ink and it goes on.

Well I discovered that the shop is closing down. Hearing this from a staff member, I became very sad, I stressed to the lady how could this happen? She just said for financial reasons, she said it's a pity because business was picking up. I suggested couldn't they just rent a smaller shop. Alas no. She thanked me for the support and stated that the shop will close on April 11th.

There are two other Pepe's Paperie branches but they are in Canberra and Sydney. A long way.... Zeta Florence will just have to fill the gap for me.

Image - Alice in Wonderland Paper Dress - Shop front at Pepe's Paperie


  1. That is sad - I love that shop, so many beautiful items in there..... The rent at Doncaster would be an absolute killer though and I imagine just how much they would need to sell in order to cover rent, staff etc.

  2. Oh no - I love that shop too. I will have to get there before they close. What a shame. Nic

  3. aww sorry to hear, always a shame when a small business goes belly up

  4. Sniff!! I always liked looking...
    I can imagine the rent...