Saturday, October 16, 2010

Blogtoberfest - Day 16 - Market in a week!

It's a week until I do one of my favourite markets, Made In Thornbury market in Thornbury, Melbourne.

The market is now back in it's rightful place, the hall. I love this market, it has a really great atmosphere and of course fantastic stalls. I also have a soft spot for this market, it was my first back in 2009. Awww

My very first stall. Made In Thornbury Market
December 2009


  1. With this weather, you've got the perfect excuse to stay inside and craft the day away. Stay warm and happy blogtober.

  2. Look forward to seeing you there. I'll have a stall there this time as well. I love the friendly atmosphere with so many lovely people to chat to. It's definitely a nice day out. See you there. Lou.