Saturday, October 30, 2010

Blogtoberfest - Day 30 - Book Review - Origami Greetings

Have you ever purchased a book, you cannot read? Well I did this a few months ago.

Origami Greetings Takuji Sugimura 4th Ed. 1996,
Toho-shuppan Co., Ltd
ISBN 4-88591-444-2

Origami Greetings is mostly written in Japanese (Contents is also in English). If one cannot read Japanese, have no fear, you can still take on the challenge of making letters or cards that have an origami animal or object connected to it.

There are plenty of diagrams, visually explaining how to fold the paper to make the desired item. If you love the art of origami and it doesn't worry you that you cannot read it, then maybe give it ago.

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  1. Cool book - we all love origami, haven't done it in awhile - should get out the books we do have - thanks for the reminder :-)