Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Summer Reading & Watching

Hello, been awhile, hasn't it?  That's what happens when school holidays occur.  One gets relaxed, too relaxed in my case.  The days fly by and start to blur and before you know.  Ahhhh 2 weeks till Term 1, must get this ready for shop, must get this ready for son's school.  So of course the relaxation just floats away and one is dragged back to reality.  However saying that, I thought I would share what I have been reading / watching in my summer break.


Is It Just Me? by Miranda Hart   
I discovered Miranda Hart a couple of years ago, with her sitcom, 'Miranda'.  She's fun, quirky and real. I found the book a great pick me up, a laugh out loud kind of book.  I would love to meet Miranda, but seeing I'm so short, I'm afraid she would tower over me. :-)

Paper: An Elegy by Ian Sansom
I fully admit one of the reasons why I purchased this book was because of the cover, it's so tactile. Sansom covers the history of paper from the 7th Century to the e-book.  I am only partly way through it, but enjoying it all the same.


Who Do You Think You Are?  UK Series 3
As you have read in past posts, I enjoy researching my husbands family tree.  So of course an avid watcher of the WDYTYA series.  I had missed a few of the episodes, so I thought I would catch up on Julia Sawalha and Robert Lindsay.

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