Monday, April 29, 2013

Put Your Stamp On It - Book Review

It's been a long time since I've done a blog post. So lets try and get back into the swing of it, by starting with a book review. 

Since entering the world of stamping, I came across this lovely and recent book all about stamping, written by Meagan Lewis, at our local library.

Put Your Stamp On It: Cards, interiors, textiles and stationery
Meagan Lewis
2013 Sally Milner Publishing
ISBN 978-1-86351-444-6

The introductory chapter explains what the basic carving tools and materials are needed, to start your journey.  The reader is given a short explanation about the tools and materials.  This is excellent and informative.

Continuing on then with the subject of cleaning and storing your stamps is covered.  Did you know it’s best to store your ink up-side-down?  It helps keep the sponge moist with the ink.

Then of course we come to the fun part of the book, carving and the projects. Carving is explained well and thoroughly, even to the point of explaining how to carve if you are left-handed. There are around 20 projects for the reader to attempt, ranging from an easy level to a more complicated level of skill.  Projects cover stamping fabric, paper and even magnets.  Each project is illustrated well and helpful hints are also included.

I liked this book; it’s clear, modern and encouraging.  One feels they would be able to attempt their first carving of a stamp. 

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