Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Where are all the followers? / Last day Giveaway

I was checking who my followers were, when I noticed to my horror that the icons have disappeared! Oh dear I thought (well actually I thought more but I want to be polite) where are all my follower icons? I checked my Blogger Dashboard etc and everything seemed to be ok. So I check Konstant Kaos and Cravings Frocks and I cannot see their followers. So either there is something wrong my end or something going terribly wrong at Bloggers end. Can someone please enlighten me.

24 Hours left to enter my first giveaway. The winner will be picked tomorrow. Looking forward to seeing who the winner is. Lets just hope all my follower icons return. :-)


  1. I think the disappearing followers is a Blogger problem, same thing happened to me yesterday. Try logging out and back in. I sound like an IT help desk!

  2. I can see them too! (especially mine!)