Monday, July 27, 2009

The Souper Dress - The costume that didn't happen

Those who know me, will know that Andy Warhol is one of my favourite artists. Recently I had my birthday party which was a costume party, theme '1960's and 1970's'. I couldn't decide on which decade so I choose both.

When I discovered that Campbell's soup made a paper dress called 'The Souper Dress', using Warhol's iconic Campbell's soup artwork, I thought why not give it ago. I knew it would be a challenge seeing I don't know how to sew etc.

First step was obtain the webbing fusible fabric that one can iron paper onto. Then cut out a template of the dress, I tend to use my own clothes as templates. My lovely husband found a Campbell's soup label on the net, he did a little fixing. I printed 24 labels for the back and front and manually cut them out. Then I ironed the labels onto the dress. Ironed on some ribbon (amazing got the same colour from Lincraft). Next step was to sew back and front together. Yes this is where it went down hill. It looked great on the coat hanger, but once it was on me, the whole garment slopped to the right. The garment also started to tear. Yes I was disappointed, but I had a plan B for a costume.

At the party I had a costumer tell me where I went wrong, but they thought I did a great effort, considering I am not a costumer. Maybe I will give it ago in the future.


  1. That's such a brilliant concept, I'm sad it didn't work out! But no, tracing dresses for adult women doesn't work. You need darts and so forth. Maybe if you found a dress from the op shop to iron your soup cans onto you could try again?

  2. What a great effort Beky! I saw it hanging on your wall but didn't ask you what the reference was.