Monday, November 2, 2009

Dinosaurs love scooters... quick way to the next meal

Well my latest project has been completed. Seeing I had recent success in selling every robot children's writing paper set, I thought I would create some more. So I thought one can't go wrong with dinosaurs.

One day I just had this vision of a t-rex on a scooter and a brontosaurus on a skateboard. As you can see my mind can drift in weird directions. Seriously I take my son to the skateboard park and that was one of areas where I got my inspiration.

So let me know what you think. I love comments. I don't reply because I don't know how to, one day I will learn.

I even designed the paper that went on the pencil. Recently I did the first prototype of Konstant Kaos logo on pencils. It seemed to work, so I tried it for this writing set.

All items are stored in this folder.


  1. OOOh yes I love my pencils, I have a post scheduled soonish!

  2. Ha, I LOVE the dinos on wheels!