Saturday, October 24, 2009

My Place and Yours: Bedside

The lovely Pip at Meet Me At Mikes is doing another meme and this weeks theme is the Bedside table.

My Bedside table

I thought I'd join in this week and show off my bedside table.

I have the latest issue of Real Living Magazine which I'm a subscriber. This issue hasn't yet reached the news stands. When I saw the Christmas tree, I just groaned, I'm still getting over last years. :-) Also other reading material, a book called 'Gamers' Quest' written by a dear friend. Also the comic/novel book 'Pride and Prejudice and Zombies'.


  1. Oh a well stocked bedside! I love the christmas issues of decor mags - I can't wait for them!

  2. looks verry laid back..i like it!

  3. Ooh, jealous that you have the latest issue of RealLiving.... Hmm, maybe I should become a subscriber too :)

  4. the australian title REAL living differs to the irish version which is
    living ETC. i wonder what it all means?
    nice stash yesterday

  5. I do LIKE Christmas Day... but I am SO not ready for Christmas! If I slept with that magazine by my bed I would be making my Christmas lists already. Which would NOT be good! I'm glad you are way more well adjusted than me! Your bedside looks cosy, I reckon. Thanks for playing!

  6. I subscribe to RL as well. I really enjoy it. Though CHristmas has come around fast this year! ( as always)