Friday, October 23, 2009

My Stash From Daylesford

It's a bit late, but here is my stash from my shopping spree in Daylesford last Monday.

Firstly what I have been hanging out for, Japanese Washi Paper Tape. You can use it on anything that you want to decorate. Me I wanted it for my windmills and for future stationery projects. There are so many varieties, but I just went for the 20pk of multicolor tape. Lark is the first place I have found Washi Tape for sale, I'm a little surprised it's not everywhere in Melbourne. Unless I'm looking in the wrong places.

Next was the latest copy of World Sweet World. Basically New Zealand version of Australia's 'Mix Tape Magazine'. Some great articles, instructions and photos. Seriously thinking of subscribing to this one.

Lastly some paper from Vietnam, a great find and looks great on my windmills.

Japanese Washi Paper Tape - $39.95 from Lark
World Sweet World - $8.50 from Lark
Vietnam Paper - $2.50 per roll from Junk Shop

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