Saturday, October 9, 2010

Blogtoberfest - Day 9 - Eat Pray Love

Last night mum and I had a glorious girls night out. We ate far too much Chinese food, I'm still full even now! Then we went and saw the Julia Roberts film, 'Eat Pray Love' based off the Liz Gilbert book. I had not read the book, but knew of it's popularity and of course had seen Liz on Oprah etc.

I enjoyed the film, enjoyed the scenery, and mostly enjoyed the characters that Liz meets on her 1 year journey, looking for her self. I felt 'Richard from Texas' was far the most complex character, and I give full credit to the actor Richard Jenkins he should get a nomination for an Oscar. I felt more emotion from this character than any other.

Overall enjoyed the film and my mum did as well. I feel anyone should see it, it's not just a chick flick.

After seeing the Eat Pray Love, I thought what is my Eat Pray Love and I have decided chocolate is my eat, Wilsons Prom is my Pray and my Family is my love.




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  1. I can't wait to see the movie but I am conflicted over whether to read the book first!