Monday, May 7, 2012

Made In Thornbury Market - Overview

What a great day it was, at the Made 'n' Thornbury market on Saturday. I always have a great time at their markets, there is a real community feel. Also catching up with other crafters and soaking up the creative atmosphere is a joy.

My son came along and helped me with the set up and helping customers. He was a little cheeky as well, wanting half my profits from the day.  Cheeky boy :-) . He did receive a gift for his hard work helping me set up and even helping others at the 8.30am set up time.

I had some lovely comments about my work and the suburban greeting cards, always a little boost.

I must admit this was my last market for a VERY long time.  It's a lot of work and the fun is starting to disappear.  I said to one customer, when it's starting not to be fun and becoming a chore, then maybe to back out for awhile. So I'm taking my own advice, not do markets for a long time and to explore going into other avenues, which I will talk later about.  My online store will still be there, just taking a break from markets.


  1. It's interesting to see how many crafters are dipping their toes back into markets after a long break, and deciding they're too much work. I think I may even shut up my online shop once I exhaust my stock. I groan whenever I get an order and have to sew to fill it.

    1. Life gets in the way doesn't it. :-) :-)