Sunday, February 28, 2010

Thread Den - A lot of Threads to be seen

This was my first adventure as a seller at the Thread Den North Melbourne market. So much to see, but unfortunately I couldn't venture out much. I was located in the cute Ballroom, entrance off Lt. Errol Street. Seeing I had a small table I was all set up by 9.30am! Had my first sale at 9.50am! A great sign.

The day went quickly and I was made welcome by my neighbours Kylie from Ms. Gusset and Michelle from Kids With Crayons. Many customers went by, very trendy inner suburb Melbournernites gazing at the endless tables of clothes, fabrics, jewellery, stationery, lamps and so on. The actual venue, the Lithuanian Club is showing many signs of being there for a long time. With it's many, many rooms located upstairs, down corridors and downstairs as well. Certainly a rabbit warren. My only comment to the organisers, please put more signs up inside, I had heard that some people didn't realise there were more stalls in the Ballroom, until it was pointed out to them. Overall a good day and it was nice to see a different clientele.


  1. Hey, I hope that the day went well for you!

  2. Sounds like another little rabbit warren where the customers couldn't find the stalls!
    Hope it was a very worthwhile day out.

  3. Hi Beky, it was lovely to meet you today, hopefully we'll more room to breath next time!

  4. Hope you made lots of sales :). Kylie is ace, I had her sitting opposite me in one of those little upstairs rooms last time i did a stall!