Thursday, March 25, 2010

Happy Birthday Pivotal Xpressions, we are 1!

Photos: The 1st stall, 1st online Etsy Sale, Noddy arrives from Ireland, Visiting Lark, 1st Giveaway, Receipes, Stalls at Northside, Thornbury, Thread Den & Borders, Group on Facebook and Twitter.

Happy Birthday to Pivotal Xpressions!

We are now 1! I cannot believe where the year has gone. So much has changed in my life. I ummed and arred about starting a business from home and finally made the plunge. It was scary at first, but now I feel content and still very excited that I'm learning, creating and meeting wonderful people.

Pivotal Xpressions would not have been born if I hadn't had the amazing help and support from the following people:-

My husband, H. Who has supported me beyond the call of duty. Words cannot thank him enough.
My mum, Jan. Who has supported me with advice and looking after our son during markets.
My son, Callum. Who has been very patient and his advice on the children's products.
My friend, Margaret (Konstant Kaos). Who gave me much advice, words of wisdom and confidence.

There are many others who have supported me, Fab, Karen, Donna, Maria, Kathy. Also not to forget you, the fantastic readers of this blog. Thank you so much.

Cheers to year 2, where will Pivotal Xpressions be?


  1. Well done Beky! I've got an anniversary this week too, if I get around to writing about it!

  2. yay Beky!! well done.
    here's to many more years in business.

  3. happy birthday and well done and if it hadn't been for your blog my noddy would never have emigrated. hope you'll have a lovely celebratory glass of wine ...or cake .....cheers

  4. Congratulations. Looks like you've had a great year. Hope it keeps going really well.

  5. Fantastic! YAY!!!! It's incredible to think that a year has passed by so quickly. You have learned so much and made so many wonderful things. It's been a pleasure to meet you and see you grow :)

  6. Happy bloggy birthday Beky, so glad to have met you on my travels. Love your work and I see only fabulous things for you in the future. xx

  7. Happy 1st Birthday to 'Pivotal Expressions'Congratulations Beky!!!! I'm so proud on what you have achieved!You have inspired me NOW!...I have a partner,now I need a product! :-)...& i love my invitations!Good Luck for the future!
    luv Kathy .J. xoxo

  8. happy happy birthday Beky!! cheers to you, well done!

    ~ Samone x

  9. Congratulations - what a wonderful milestone - cheers to the years ahead! Nic

  10. Happy PivX Birthday Beky!
    What a wonderful year it has been