Monday, August 12, 2013

It's a bird, it's a plane, no it's my husband

Bucket lists they are a funny thing.  I must admit I had never heard of the term, until the movie 'The Bucket List, starring Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman came out.  Is it an American term, I don't know.

My husband has always wanted to jump out of a plane - a tandem jump. So for Fathers Day, we gave him a voucher so he could fulfill his dream.  So yesterday down at Barwon Heads in Victoria he tackled his dream and jumped out of a plane.

I waited on Terra Firma while the plane gradually gained height and reached it's aim of 14,000 ft.  This took 25 minutes. We were informed by staff they had jumped out.  I remember seeing the parachutes open, best way to describe it, was they looked like flowers blooming very quickly.  Then they landed, it was so quick.

My husbands descriptions of what it's like to jump out of a plane, fall through a cloud and land is amazing and also darn frightening, from my point of view. He wants to do it again, yikes I thought. I said to him, I guess roller coasters will be an anti-climax now, he said, "yep they will".

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  1. Hi Beky,
    Hope you're travelling well and 2013 has been good to you so far. Wow, your husband is one brave fella!
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    We'd be so excited if you joined us. You can find out more here:
    Take care,
    Kat xx