Sunday, April 5, 2009

Crafty Wrapping Paper

Having a son has made me realise that there isn't much out there for boys, unless you buy products that has the token Pokemon, Spiderman or Ben 10 symbol on it. So I decided to try out on designing a simple army design for wrapping paper.

I have incorporated my husbands CGI skills and placed one of his CG helicopter models into the pattern. Presto my first prototype wrapping paper was born.

That afternoon my son had a 9 year old birthday party to go to, so I thought we try it out. The mother of the birthday boy thought I had purchased the wrapping paper, so of course I was happy.

Designing my first piece of wrapping paper has just opened up another area to express my crafty thoughts.


  1. Wow, that looks great! You'll have to put that up on your etsy store!

  2. I hadn't though of printing wrapping paper! What size is your printer?

  3. I love wrapping paper, so many great designs and images around.
    My printer only takes A4 paper. Thus the wrapping paper you see in the photo is 8 sheets of A4 stuck together.