Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Creative Goals

Recently on Konstant Kaos blog, Miss Margaret talks about her creativity goals in life that she wants to achieve. She has encouraged others to travel down that road. A road that I sometimes find confronting but rewarding.

So here goes.

My 10 Creative Goals

1) To learn how to sew
2) To continue with my knitting and finish projects!
3) Do more research for my design projects.
4) To focus on task and not to drift onto other projects.
5) To learn from other crafter's that I admire. Konstant Kaos, Finki, Cosmic Cat Creations)
6) To encourage my husband with his creativity.
7) Continue with learning how to draw
8) To master Adobe software
9) Apply to do some courses
10) Not to force creativity, let it happen when it does happen. And not to stress about it!

1 comment:

  1. I ummed and ahhed before posting the 10 goals, wondering if I committed to 10 goals a week whether that would be too much. But as Caroline writes in her blog, just the process of writing them down means that they might be a possibility ... plus it is good to say my goals out loud. I am going to print them out each week and put them on my wall in my workroom.