Sunday, July 5, 2009

Sunday Market Goodies

Visited Sonny & Coco market today. A little quieter this time, but then again it was lunch time. Today's visit was a little more special seeing I took my husband so he can meet fellow bloggers that he has only seen on the computer screen. Also see what all the fuss is about, seeing I keep raving on about these markets and creative people.

Firstly we spoke to Jay at Finki, bought a lovely business card holder (yeah now the cards wont be floating around my purse), Shannon at Rabbit and the Duck and admired all her goodies. Also spoke to Jennie at Cravings Frock and purchased the cute tram badge, and lastly spoke to Margaret at Konstant Kaos and got a pair of cute hair clips.

When the visit was over I said, "so what do you think". My husband said in his dry sense of humor,"the sixties are not dead, it's alive and well in that hall". Mmm I thought. It was a big thing for him to go, seeing craft is not his interest. He said there wasn't a computer in site. Oh well.

1) Business Card Holder - Finki
2) Hair clips - Konstant Kaos
3) Tram Badge - Cravings Frocks
4) Fridge Magnet - Little House of Kokeshi


  1. Great to see you today! Thanks again for your gift shop suggestions.

    I bought birthday presents for my sister from Kokeshi! So lovely.

  2. Great to see you Beky, how funny what hubby had to say, Ty would much rather be at a computer swap meet too. Things we do for love. (:

  3. Hey Bek,
    What other craft markets are their around?