Monday, August 31, 2009

My 1st Sale!

I cannot express to you how ecstatic I was this morning to find an e-mail notifying me that someone had purchased a product from my Etsy store. Also to discover that the customer lives in USA. I was so excited and extremely stunned. Wow, yeah someone liked my work! I straight away rang up Margaret (Konstant Kaos) informing her of the news.

So today I made the trip to Australia Post and sent off my first little bundle of joy. Yes, it is like sending off a little bit of one's self. I was just so happy I wanted to send a virtual hug to the US. For those who are interested, it was the Halloween Invitations.


  1. Congratulations Beky! I hope it's the first of many. Can't wait to see your stuff at Thornbury.

  2. congratulations, love those Halloween ones. a little taste of what's to come. see yah saturday.

  3. Well done! Today the US tomorrow the world! ;o) I too shall pop in on Saturday to say 'howdy'