Sunday, August 16, 2009

Paper Crawl

Some people do pub crawls, me and a friend Karen of Cosmic Cat Creations we did the paper crawl yesterday.

First stop was Wedding Stationery Supplies in Collingwood. This place was certainly paper heaven. There were paper off cuts, Japanese Paper, envelopes all shapes and sizes, ribbon the list goes on and on. Definately a place to visit, but make sure you allow yourself time to browse and go ooo ahhh at the paper and letterpress printer!

Next stop was Zetta Florence in Armadale. I had visited the Brunswick store in the past so this time visited the Armadale branch. Very nice and very easy to drool over the beautiful Paris stamps, wrapping papers. It's a must for all things beautiful. Zetta was lovely to tell us that up the road was another shop to visit.

Next stop Papyrus Design . A sweet and lovely shop which held many items we had seen else where. However they did have the very large sticky labels that I have seen on American paper blogs. I did buy some fairly large envelopes, they were a little expensive, but heck when your on a paper crawl, one must have the paper one needs!

Papyrus Design

Another shop very close by was Rock Paper Scissors I learnt from Karen that this shop is a chain of stores that have come over from America. The shop is really for the scrapbook fan. It looks all very nice, laid out well with lots of bright colours.

Rock Paper Scissors

Last stop was Exlibris in Armadale. This shop is really a gift shop, but there is plenty of journals, stationery and other merchandise to make the customer like myself very happy. I ended up purchasing 'Paris: Made By Hand'. Yeah!


By the end of our paper crawl, I was all papered out. It was a great day, and hope to do it again!


  1. Gorgeous shops. I haven't been to Armidale in years. I always used to drool over the bridal shop windows.

  2. I'll have to go back when I fifnish my course and stalk the bridal shops...muwhahahahahaha ;o) and while I'm there the pretty paper shops, again ;o) Thanks for a lovely day!! :o)