Sunday, September 6, 2009

Made In Thornbury - The Report

Jennie from Mrs. Beckinsale was so right, "I was going to have a fun day". Arrived at community hall at 8.43am, waited with other stall holders. We got talking, we were all first time stall holders. :-) We got talking about our products, why we are here etc. I ended up talking about the Northside Makers market, I felt like a sales woman.

9am to 10am
Find my table, where is it.... panic..... they got my application... Phew there it is.... [insert blood pressure going down here]

My little stall

People started arriving, wow customers are so eager. OMG!! I had my first sale at 10.08am! I just wanted to hug the woman. I was stunned, but ever so happy.

Other Stall Holders
Got to meet some lovely stall holders who were new to the craft scene. My neighbour Fabiola from 'Little Cooties' had these excellent clothes for children and such cute vampire softies with capes!

Fabiola - "Little Cooties"

Another new stall holder was Jenny from "Hands On" by mum and me (if you want the contact e-mail, please email me) . Jenny and her daughter made recycled crayons and made them into fun shapes like stars and moons.

Jenny and daughter - "Hands On" by mum & me

Margaret - Konstant Kaos

Rest of the Day
My products got a good responses. Popular items, shopping lists, business card holders, and invitations.

I had some lovely supportive visits from my husband, son, and mum. Also I had more supportive visits from Marita, Louise, Michael and Karen. Thank you.

Overall the day was great, a big learning experience. Really enjoyed it and will do it again of course. See you all at the Northside Makers Market!


  1. it was so nice to see you on the other side of the table. congratulations on presenting such a wonderful range of work, would never have known it was your first one everything was so fabulous. see you at northside....

  2. your stall looks great! hope you did amazingly.
    looking forward to meeting you at northside :)

  3. Fantastic, well done!
    - Katharine

  4. My mother-in-law LOVED the calling cards that you made (I bought them for her) and wanted to know where I got them from so that she could buy them for her friends! Great idea. I am so glad that you had a great day, looking forward to seeing what else you have up your sleeve at the next market.

  5. Made in Thornbury is WAY COOL! Glad you had a great day. Next time I will have to bring enough money to purchase more than a sausage!

  6. Well done!! I'm thinking of having my first stall soon but I'm a bit nervous! Your stall looked really professional!! Any advice??