Saturday, November 28, 2009

Northside Makers Market - Overview

My little store

Today was the second Northside Makers Market. I really wasn't sure if I was going to turn up, due to feeling quite sick during the week. However I was determined to go, I really wanted to meet a couple of bloggers that I follow and lets just face it, I just love being there!

I was happy with my set up for this market, however I have come to the conclusion that I wont be bringing my gift wrap, it's just not selling. I will venture into other territory and see what the public wants. The packaging and pencils were a hit and I received lots of comments about the invitations.

I met with the lovely Samone from Red Letter Studio's, I love her work, it's fresh with an old style charm.

Also met the creative Cate from Polka Dot Rabbit, I purchased one of her comic purses, will show in a later post.

I was also very happy to have some yummy food made by Master Chef Cathie / Melbourne Epicure It was really nice to meet her in person.

All other favourite bloggers / crafters were there as well.

Overall the day was kind to stallholders, as in no rain, however there was plenty of wind. There were plenty of customers, but they seemed to be holding onto their cash. The music, vibe and organisation was lovely. I wish the Northside Makers team the best of luck for 2010.


  1. Oh it was nice to see you again too!

    So glad you decided to come after all. I always do love meeting and chatting with all the bloggers that I follow!

    I had to run off midway through.. so I hope the afternoon picked up for you!

  2. good to hear you had a good day & so very nice to meet you properly.
    if I seemed kind of vague yesterday...ooops, didn't get any sleep so had a bit of a baking hang over.

  3. Thanks for being there with us Beky! Your positivity despite being under the weather was a real gift.

  4. was great to see you Beky!! hope you are all over this cold of yours! I couldnt tell you were sick!! what a trooper :o) see you again soon!

    ~ Samone