Friday, December 4, 2009

Cushions for everyone

Everyone has gotta love a cushion. You can snuggle up to them when your down or even when your happy watching ya favourite TV show. Cushions are there to give you support and stability. I have chosen a few cushions that I have stumbled across on my travels through blog land. I am fortunate enough to know two of the artists for some of them. Enjoy....

1) These medley of meats are just so wrong, but so ever so right.
Sweet Meats
2) For your favourite crime reader in your life. They can enjoy reading a good crime novel while being supported and kept safe by their trusty crime scene cushion.
Konstant Kaos

3) This I found amusing and quirky. Just want to hold it tight!
4) Don't we sometimes just want to hold something when we cry? I so love this tear.

5) My husband comes from the UK, so of course I have traveled to London a few times and of course on those beautiful red double Decker buses. Had to purchase this for my son for Christmas, can't wait to see his face.
Mrs. Beckinsale
6) Last but not least, this very cute knitted tooth cushion. Awwwww.
The Kat's Scratch Pad

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  1. Thanks for including me Beky! Those other cushions are excellent.