Friday, February 26, 2010

Doing a practice run.....

I'm in the process of getting my old and new products together for this Sunday's Thread Den North Melbourne Craft Market, first one for 2010

Seeing I have never visited this market before, I decided to only have a card size table at this market. I expressed to my husband that I didn't know how I was going to fit everything on such a small table. So he suggested I set up the table, take a photo of the layout and have the photo with me at the market so I wont waste time while I'm setting up. Brilliant!!

So as you can see I have set up the table in my den (craft/creative room). It's actually been worth while, because I have noted what products I am lacking in and what works etc.

Seeing the market is in North Melbourne, I have produced another Melbourne suburb notepad. Hopefully they will be well received. If you cant make it to the market and you would like to purchase one of these suburb notepads, check out my online store at Made It.


  1. I did the same for Kris Kringle - took a photo of my setup at home then referred to the photo on market night. Works a treat!

  2. looks great Beky, and SOOOOO organised! looking forward to seeing you there, and wish we could be sitting together for moral support and a good long chat!