Tuesday, February 9, 2010

To Etsy or not to Etsy...

To Etsy or not to Etsy, that is the question. I just realised last night that all my products had expired on my Etsy account. So I am in a delimma, do I continue with my Etsy account or just concentrate on my Made It account?

I have only had one sale on Etsy, since I joined. What do other people think? I would love to hear your opinions and experiences.


  1. Etsy is a difficult market to crack unless you have lots of time to self promote, participate in the forums and treasuries etc etc. Personally i think you'd be better emailing/post shops a few samples and looking into consignment work...are the images/texts created by you or are they stock images (not sure how the copyright stuff works)? Beyond anything else, it's a good way to get feedback on your cards...

  2. I'm having the same dilemma at the moment. Not sure how and where to place my products for maximum benefit. have been thinking non stop since the market.....
    For me Etsy is complicated because postage is so high, that it is hard for me to compete.
    good luck with your decision.

  3. I haven't tried Etsy yet, and last year it seemed unnecessary as I was making very 'Australian' items so having an Aus$ shop made much more sense.

    This year I'm planning to make Victoriana/Steampunk stuff and perhaps do paid ads in appropriate places. If I go ahead with this I will start an Etsy shop, for the sake of provising the majority of the market with US$ pricing.

    Think about where your customers are and how you want to reach them. Hopefully that will help you choose if you want one online shop or two!

  4. I have an etsy shop and it does me well. What do I like about it? I like that I am marketing to a global audience. I have a madeit shop registered, but haven't done much with it yet. I like the etsy forums and the passive assistance that they give you. I like the fact that they are large.