Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A walk down High Street, Northcote

I had a few tasks today. One buy some more brown paper bags to make a custom order for birthday lolly bags. Two visit High Street Northcote to put up some Northside posters.

Believe it or not, this is my true first time I have had the pleasure to truly look around and soak up the Northcote atmosphere. Did this while putting up Northside Makers Market posters up.

Lunch was perfect. Went into the very funky 'The Estelle', I sat down started having a drink. I looked at the menu and realised that it wasn't a cafe but more a casual restaurant.I had this amazing rabbit stew in a pot with toast. Unusal for me, but it was very yummy. Admitally it was more of a winter dish than a 34degree day dish!

Later I did some more looking and found the 'Local Shop' oh it's beautiful. With it's amazing flowers, pond and fountain and all the house goodies. I even saw some products from the talented Shannon from Rabbit and the Duck.

Local Shop - 262 High Street, Northcote

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  1. What an absolutely beautiful shop - MUST visit!!!! Thanks for sharing.