Tuesday, March 9, 2010

To eat or to draw?

Mum and I ventured 'In the Woods' last week. Everytime I walk up and down High Street, Northcote I miss the opening hours of this perfect shop. So when I saw it open, I jumped for joy, on the inside of course. In The Woods is also on Etsy

I love this shop lots of goodies to buy. I finally decided on these fantastic chop sticks. I collect chop sticks so they were perfect. And yes you can draw with them, not well, but you still can! Of course I picked the green, my fav colour.

Chop Sticks from 'In the Woods'

My chop sticks collection


  1. What a most excellent collection notion! They also look like they'd draw REALLY speedily with the tapered pencil bizzo happening...

  2. Ooh, what a gorgeous collection, and a fabulous addition! I'll have to go and check that lovely sounding shop out. Yum!