Friday, May 7, 2010

Stitches & Craft Show / My Purchases

Yesterday Fab (Little Cooties) and I ventured out to the Stitches & Craft show at the Caulfield Racecourse. I had visited last years show, so it was going to be interesting to compare. My first impression was, I have seen most of these stall holders at the Paper / Scrapbook show, luckily there were a few new stalls.

The usual stores were there, lace, weaving, knitting, basket making and so on. I must admit I admire the work but I don't have a deep urge to venture into these crafts. It wasn't until we went upstairs to the Incubator that I felt more at home. Up there was the wonderful Michelle (Kids with Crayons) who never fails to make me laugh. Also I finally got the chance to meet Nic (Yardage Design), I must admit I was gushing over her designs, so wonderful to see her products and not on a computer screen! Also wonderful to catch up with Carol from Itchy Bird and yes I purchased another wonderful bird. Also great to catch up with Pepperberry & Co.

Overall I enjoyed visiting the Stitches & Craft show, but I was disappointed. I didn't get the same buzz that I got last year. Was it the venue, was it because I am now familiar with the whole craft scene or was it because it was smaller this year. Answer venue and smaller.

Purchased a few goodies, but the big surprise, I purchased a sewing book! Yes folks I am finally going to move away from the computer and slide in front of my sewing and make items just for me, family and friends. Yes I do have a sewing machine, I know shock horror, amazing. So we will see if the sewing machine agrees with me.


  1. You must have great taste - I bought that same tea towel today...ha ha!

  2. Lovely to meet you, and the tea towel looks great! ;o) Nic

  3. What were the stalls like? I couldn't make it this year but last year I felt there was a very big divide with the 'mainstream' crafters over here and the 'indie' crafters and workshops over there and some quite rude comments overheard between the two camps. I heard quite a few older folk complaining as though their scene had been upsurped by these young progressives, quite interesting :)