Friday, April 15, 2011

Zentangle to paper

Been a little quiet lately due to having the flu. It was annoying, body sick, but the brain wide awake and wanting to do projects. However just before the flu entered the building I managed to do a little project.

I transformed a Zentangle TM pattern into a paper pattern. This particular Zentangle is called 'Betweed'. I love this one. It's relaxing and repetitive. The process was to draw Betweed, then cut it out. Then trace it on Christina Re paper and Japanese Paper. I thought of quilting when I was doing this. Is it a similar process?

Once the paper cut out and then stuck on board. I placed it in a frame. Instant art. I was very happy with final product.

If you want to learn more about Zentangle, contact Australian Certified Zentangle Teacher, Kass Hall here


  1. Beky that is soooo cool! You should send an email with photos to Zentangle in the US, they might be interested in blogging it!