Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Stampin' Up!

These are the two cards I and the others made during the party.
Also the Autumn-Winter Mini Catalogue.

Yesterday I had the pleasure of going to a Stampin Up! party. I have been to many home parties, such as Tupperware, Linen, Avon and many more. This was the first party that was definitively up my alley and one of the most enjoyable I have ever been too.

To begin with the lovely demonstrator, Marlene talked about Stampin' Up!, which originally started in America and then the business spread to the rest of the world. We were then introduced to the products via the catalogue. Then the hands on and fun began, by making our own cards. This was fun and I learnt a little about the cutters etc. I really don't get to make cards with paper, seeing as you know I design my own stationery on the computer. So actually getting one's hands dirty (so to speak) was fun. I have purchased some Pear, Wasapi and Chocolate inks, which I'm looking forward to receiving.

If you want to host a Stampin' Up! party, you can either go the web page or contact Marlene through me.


  1. Thanks Beky, it was a pleasure to demonstrate the workshop for you and the other girls. I love my job, I love Stampin Up! and I love to share what I do. Marlene

  2. Ah, so you've found Stampin' Up! - have fun with it!! Marlene is a gem. This is a lovely blog post, Beky.