Thursday, July 21, 2011

Design Made Trade - State of Design Festival

Today was the first day of the Design Made Trade Show at the Royal Exhibition Building in Carlton, Melbourne. It is just one of many events that is part of the State of Design Festival.

A few months ago I was invited to participate in the Design Made Trade. Which was a surprise and it was very flattering, but I decided not to participate for many reasons. So with the suggestion of the organiser, I visited DMT to get a feel to what it is all about.

Note: To much sadness, I couldn't take photos. I totally
understand because there were some prototypes there.

Walking into the fine Royal Exhibition Building built back in the 1800's, it's an inspiration in it's self, displayed within is all these modern and retro style designs. What a feast for the eyes and brain.

There are over 70 exhibitor's at DMT. There's assortment of artists, textiles, graphic and furniture designers, universities, jewellery, animation, wood design and so on. There is also a section presented by MoOD Innovation Platform, it has a selection of many new materials made out of leather, plastic, wood, fiber and so on. One has the opportunity to feel the amazing fabrics, they would be a must to see for any fashion designer. Lastly there was a vast display of new designs for the Melbourne Design Awards, these can be voted by the public.

It was lovely to see the very cute display by Ink & Spindle and the fun display by Pocket Carnival. Overall I really enjoyed myself. If you wish to go, this Saturday and Sunday is for the public. Go over to their web site here for details.

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