Sunday, July 3, 2011

Hottie Cover Challenge Exhibition

On Friday night I had the pleasure of visiting the launch of the Hottie Cover Challenge Exhibition at the Opendrawer Art, Textiles and Learning Centre in Melbourne.

Curlypops invited people to design Hottie covers to raise money and awareness of Heart & Lung Transplant Research supported by the Margaret Pratt Foundation and Opendrawer. 113 Hotties were produced for the exhibition.

I was amazed, inspired, and amused by all the creations. One could purchase a Hottie for $50.00 or place a donation towards the Hottie you liked the most. The Hottie that had the most money, will win the Hottie Trophy. I think the photos will talk for themselves, enjoy....

You could place your donation in these cups.

The Hottie Trophy! So cute!


  1. Such fabulous photos Beky! I'm so glad that you got a photo of the donation cups and that amazing trophy!

  2. Great photos! I wasn't able to go to the exhibition so it's great to see photos of all the hotties!

  3. Yeah, the trophy is a treat! And thanks for showing so many of the hotties in these shots.

  4. Sooo jealous! I really wanted to go along, but one of my babies had a nasty temp. Thanks for posting some pics. It looks great. I think I'll try and get there this week some time.